Horse Riding

As an E.N.G.E.A. (National Association of Equestrian Environmental Guides) affiliated Centre, the Farmhouse may legally release membership cards including insurance coverage for all equestrian activities carried on under the aegis of the Centre.
Giovanni, the Farmhouse host, is a patented:

Equestrian Environmental G.E.A. Guide:
– accompanies guests and tourists in countryside trekking
-E.N.G.E.A. technical cadre: and instructs adults
-Pony instructor: and instructs children and youths

With a team of qualified colleagues, Giovanni educates organized schoolchildren groups to farmhouse-living experiences. These include horse-approaching, walking excursions, observations of country life. Activities conclude with schoolchildren’s reflections, comments, discussions and drawings concerning their experiences.
The Castagneto Picci Holiday Farmhouse, with its annexed Riding Centre, is a strategically-placed hospitality relay point along the Tuscany Horse Trekking Trail. Through the Casentino Forest National Park, Mount Falterona and Campigna, once across the thick forest coat of the impressive-looking Apennine ridge, the Romagna region is within easy reach, while by crossing the opposite, western slopes of the Pratomagno plateau, the Trail connects to the Arno Valley, the Siena region and the Tuscan Maremma – a natural link between the Po River Delta and the Maremma Italian National Parks.
Within a short distance from the Riding Centre runs the Europe Trail, winding down to Lake Trasimeno. The Consuma Pass is also within reach, leading into the Florence territory and the Chianti hills.